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  1. Explorations in Cloud Orchestration

    January 04, 2021The state of the art in cloud orchestration in January 2021 with Pulumi, k3s, gRPC, tailscale, and more.
  2. So long, 2020

    January 01, 2021What do you say about the worst year in living memory? You say to the next year, ...
  3. Systems Design

    December 28, 2020Systems design and going from Senior to Staff+ Engineer.
  4. Christmas Day 2020

    December 26, 2020Merry Christmas and happy holidays, 2020.
  5. Why Review Code?

    December 19, 2020Why is it valuable to review code?
  6. Mark Shields' Courage, Grace, and Candor

    December 18, 2020How I learned my place in the world through Mark Shields' weekly interpretation of events.
  7. Learning Gatsby

    December 10, 2020First impressions building this web site with React and Gatsby.
  8. Advent of Code 2020

    December 05, 2020Crafting with Code for the Holidays.
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