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So long, 2020


This post is one in most in need of an editor.

What can we say about 2020 but, dear 2021, let's not do this again. There have been so many important lessons.

We could have avoided lockdowns in so many places if we had paid attention.

The president launched these great vaccines and hasn't taken one.

Of all the statistics of 2020, according to the news tonight, the police have killed about 930 people in the united states is the one that lingers in my mind. In a year when more than 300,000 people died of a virus that we could have stopped, 930 people killed by the their own protectors in the so-called leader of the democratic world. Christ, help us.

The pandemic is the story. The children out of school. The people lost. The end of the ability for a plurality of Americans to earn a living. Tomorrow, with 2021, we will all begin to measure how much the dagger that was 2020 inflicted on the body of the united states of America. The ramifications of the damage are only beginning to be felt.

And the problems of the world have never been greater. Thank you to everyone who worked on developing the vaccines.