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Learning Gatsby


I'm building this site in Gatsby because I want the advantages of a static website with great frontend integration and git push to deploy.


Why do this at all? Right now, we are surrounded by crises. There's the climate crisis, the pandemic crisis, the poverty crisis, the economic crisis, the social crisis, and more. Well, this part of me taking action by moving my website to green software engineering and sustainable product design built on free and open-source software.

What's Gatsby?

Gatsby is a framework and ecosystem of plugins that brings together the best of web development in a neat package. It's the Doom Emacs of JavaScript. The framework is built around combining React with GraphQL for building a in-browser experiences.

What Makes Gatsby So Great?

Gatsby brings it all together:

  • Free and open-source (MIT license).
  • Static website served from the edge, shared infrastructure and minimal resource consumption. So cheap, it's free!
  • Built on React so building the user interface is a breeze.
  • GraphQL for integrating data, decoupling the data sources from the way they are used in the experience.
  • Plugins bring all the features from other frameworks.