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Violence in America


America seems like a strange place to live in this day and age. Another mass murder at an elementary school. This time, 19 of 22 victims are fourth graders. My daughter is also a fourth grader, discussing it at school before I even pick her up.

Last night, we played Scrabble and I lit the candle that I got from the synagogue when my dad died. We had a good time and did not discuss it. We were all processing it. I don't feel bad about not discussing it last night and simply turning it off.

Tonight, daughter and I spoke about it, over a video call. We are scared. California does what it can but gun violence is just one consequence of the broken politics in America. It has happened in San Francisco. I don't know what to say.

I'm watching the George Carlin documentary. The drug culture part of it shows the root psychological challenge -- the stress, the ledger in the black. Seven dirty words.