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Advent of Code 2020

December 05, 2020

The Advent of Code is an annual puzzle tradition created by Eric Wastl. It’s great fun if you enjoy analytic thinking. For me, I enjoy the craft of writing code quite a bit and, since hearing of AoC in 2018, I’ve tried to participate. This year, I have more free time available to participate than prior years. So it’s been quite fun to prepare, participate, discuss, and just craft this year. That’s my favorite part: the feeling of creating for its own sake.

My puzzle solutions are online. This year, I’m trying to incorporate some of what I consider important and valuable features of modern development, particularly with project management and structure. I’m working in Golang this year because it is so much less of a fuss than Python and my goal is to have fun, explore a variety of solutions, and share.

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